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Information on this page may only relate to legislation valid until January 1, 2022.
The English version of this website is expected to be updated in the summer of 2022. Until then, you can visit our Dutch website.

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Control authority for
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Do you want to check whether a business holds an organic certificate?

Do you want to check whether a business holds an organic certificate? This search function will be updated soon.



Every company that manufactures or produces organic food products and animal feed must be certified for this purpose.

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Every company that imports organic food products, raw materials, and animal feed is certified for this purpose. This applies to the actual importer as well as the company that physically receives the products (the first consignee). An importer can, of course, also be the first consignee.

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Every company that stores organic raw materials, semi-finished goods, or end products must be certified for this purpose.

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Every company that trades in organic products is certified for this purpose. You may only trade in products from certified organic companies.

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Various forms of aquaculture can be certified as organic.

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Online stores

Every company that sells certain organic products on the internet must be registered.

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Organic Farming

If you want to grow organic crops in the Netherlands, you must first convert your land. Land is only organic if it is certified according to applicable regulations. Conversion and certification of land is only possible if the land is under Skal certification. In the Netherlands, an animal is organic if it is certified according to organic regulations.

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Organic Food

Anyone who prepares, stores and places organic products on the market (including wholesalers, importers and traders) must be licensed by a recognised certification body and hold a valid organic certificate.

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Skal certifies all organic production in the Netherlands including import. You may sell products certified as organic in the EU without an extra import certification. However, you must be certified by us for trade in organic products.

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You can apply for a transaction certificate if you wish to trade with countries outside the EU. Simply log on to our website and fill out the questionnaire. The product must fulfil the following:

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