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In our rate sheet you’ll find all fees for organic certification: from the one-off fees for application and registration to the annual subscription fee.

One-off fees in the first year are for the registration and the admission examination


  • assessment of the certification request and verification of the company data
  • creation of a digital file

Admission examination

  • starting fee plus the working hours spent by the inspector at your company
  • assessment of the audit report
  • any additional costs for visits to additional locations, for an urgent procedure, and/or for the assessment of information sent later

Annual subscription fee

The fee for the first year depends on the amount of time that your company is registered. If your business has only recently been registered, you will pay less than if you had your business registered earlier in the year. This subscription fee covers:

  • risk-focused supervision: general supervision that is not attributable to a single registered business. The supervision focuses on ensuring the reliability of the entire sector
  • keeping information on regulations up to date, drawing up interpretations and regulations, and communication about this by Skal Biocontrole
  • financial administration by Skal Biocontrole
  • answering helpdesk questions (by phone and e-mail)
    Comment: the annual subscription fee varies per business type; see our rate sheet.

Annual audit costs

  • fixed starting fee for scheduling the annual audit, for the travel costs, and for the assessment of the audit report:
  • the audit time (at least one hour)
  • if visits are made to additional locations:
    • administrative processing of the additional audit report
    • costs of the extra audit time
  • Other costs
    You will receive an invoice for any additional activities (see the rate sheet).

N.B. no rights may be derived from this explanation. For the full list of costs, please see the rate sheet.

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