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Code of conduct

Skal Biocontrole would like to clarify what its expectations are regarding the conduct of its registered companies as well as non-registered companies towards its employees.

Professionalism, integrity, and respect are of paramount importance to us. We expect this from our employees, and we also expect this from you when you deal with our employees.

We do not tolerate any form of aggression or unacceptable behaviour towards our employees. This includes physical and verbal violence, intimidation and stalking, discrimination, unwanted sexual attention, and obstruction of audits. This applies both during the performance of the work and, in connection with this, outside of working hours and regardless of the means of communication through which the message is expressed.

If an incident should nevertheless occur, we will investigate it and follow it up so that we can take measures to prevent it from being repeated in future. If an incident occurs that results in damage or injury, this has two consequences. Firstly, we will always report the incident to the police and secondly, the costs will be recovered from the perpetrator.

And finally, it is only by working together that we can guarantee the reliability of the organic chain. We therefore look forward to a successful collaboration with you.

Visiting Address
Kantoorgebouw 'Leickert'
Dr. Klinkertweg 28a

Telephone: +31 (0)38 426 8181
Postal Address
Stichting Skal Biocontrole
P.O.Box 384
8000 AJ Zwolle
The Netherlands