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The information on this page may only relate to legislation valid until January 1, 2022.

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Skal certifies all organic production in the Netherlands including import. You may sell products certified as organic in the EU without an extra import certification. However, you must be certified by us for trade in organic products.

To import organic products from outside the EU, you must make sure that:
• We have certified you for these products.
• Every consignment has a ‘certificate of inspection’ (COI) from the certifier in the exporting country.
• The relevant custom authority stamps the COI.
• You keep these COI's for at least two years.

Two types of business are required to have certification:
• The actual importer
• The first consignee (not the importer)
It is possible that as an importer, you are also the first addressee.

If you are the first consignee and not the importer, you must send the original import certificate to the importer and keep a copy for yourself.

You must only import product in accordance with regulation 1235/2012 and 834/2007. This will include either bringing in:

• ‘in-scope product’ from approved third countries
• produce with import authorization
• produce certified by approved certifiers.


These laws and regulations are valid until 31-12-2021.

More information about the new legislation or the legal texts.

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