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There are a number of details that you need to record in your administration. You may also use your own management system to do so. During the audit, you must have the data from the current and previous calendar years available, including the associated underlying documents.

Business plan
An organic seaweed company must demonstrate in its sustainable management plan how it complies with the organic requirements. This business plan must be updated every year. The plan contains detailed information about the company’s environmental impact, its environmental monitoring, and the measures it takes to limit negative consequences for the natural environment. A company that produces more than twenty tonnes of fresh seaweed per year must conduct an environmental assessment, either once only or whenever a change is made to the company’s business system. The environmental assessment must be based on Annex IV to Council Directive 85/337/EEC.

Seaweed production register
You must maintain a register of seaweed production that you can show our inspectors at any time. This register contains:
a) the list of harvested varieties, the harvest date, and the quantity harvested;
b) the date of application, the type, and the quantity of any fertilizers used.
With regard to the collection of seaweed, the register also contains:
a) the history of the harvesting activity per variety per bed;
b) the estimated harvest per season (volume);
c) the possible sources of contamination of the harvest beds;
d) the sustainable annual yield per bed.

General administration
Organic companies must maintain clear records of all their purchases and sales. Details required for the purchased products (such as growing material, nutrients, and cleaning products):

  • the type (organic/conventional)
  • the quantities
  • the use (e.g. on which plots)
  • the date of purchase or supply
  • exemptions granted

Details required for the products removed: self-declarations (not mandatory but advisable), statements, and delivery notes which specify:

  • the type (organic/conventional)
  • the quantities
  • the date of sale

For the preparation of products
You may process your products into foods. When drying seaweed, you may not use direct flames that come into direct contact with the seaweed. Materials that you use in the drying process must be free of anti-fouling treatments and cleaning or disinfection products except where a product is listed in Annex VII for this use.

If you prepare organic products, you must be able to demonstrate how you do this: what are your so-called business processes? You must be able to demonstrate how you produce: what happens during the production process at your company? Read more about the manufacture of products here.

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