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Advisory council

The advisory council provides solicited and unsolicited advice to Skal’s board and director.

Composition of advisory council

On the basis of the applications and the competencies of the candidates, the board has sought to achieve a proportionate representation of members from the different sectors. This means representatives from primary and secondary production, trade, stores, and consumers.

Out of more than 82 applications, the board appointed the following Skal-registered candidates to the advisory council in the autumn of 2019:

  • Kim Wessels; Maatschap Van der Hoog – Wessels; goat farming and cultivation of animal feed crops
  • Carel Bouma; Carel Bouma Biologisch pootgoed BV; wholesaler of seeds, seed potatoes, legumes, vegetables, fruit, and ware potatoes, retail storage
  • Henk Spruijt; Maatschap Bio-Logica; young hens up to 7 weeks old and from 7 to 18 weeks, laying hens, cultivation of animal feed crops
  • Harrie Janssen; Hazelbroekhoeve; cattle farm and cultivation of animal feed crops
  • Joost van Alphen; Alpeko VOF Bio Buitengewoon; cultivation of animal feed crops and pig farming
  • Tjitske Brouwer; Vinoblesse; wholesale of beverages
  • Luuk Schouten; Tuinderij Eyckenstein; greenhouse and open ground vegetables
  • Karst Jacob Kooistra; Tradin Organic Agriculture BV; importer from outside the EU and Landgoed Bleijendijk estate
  • Jan Groen; Green Organics BV; importer from outside the EU, wholesale in seeds and legumes, vegetables, fruit, and potatoes
  • Corneel van Rijn; Boerderij Buitenverwachting; cattle and cultivation of animal feed crops
  • Oeble Kempenaar; High Quality Organics; importer from outside the EU, wholesale in coffee, tea, spices, and herbs
  • Gerard Hardeman; Bakkerij Gerard en Suus VOF; bread and pastries
  • Wim van Marrewijk; Tuinbouwbedrijf Frank de Koning BV; greenhouse horticulture
  • Hero Havenga de Poel; Maatschap landbouwbedrijf Havenga Landgoud; arable farming
  • Tim Moerman; Boomgaard Ter Linde; fruit growing and arable farming

In 2020, the advisory council will be expanded to include two representatives, preferably from organic consumer organizations.

The advisory council meetings are presided over by a technical chair. This position is held by Ineke Mastenbroek who has excellent knowledge of the political and administrative playing field within the agricultural sector and who combines this knowledge with her experience in the area of supervision and certification, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The advisory council first commenced its activities in 2019 in the presence of the chair Rob Dortland and the director Nicolette Klijnhout-Klijn.

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